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By Christy McFerren | January 2022
Trends list curated and edited by Allison Mussoline and Dana Sleger. Layout and design by Haley Drinkwater.

It’s 2022 and we are optimistically hopeful that new beginnings are upon us — from a potential end in sight to the pandemic and return to social life, to silver linings that have become serendipitous aspects of our new normal. We have all learned that we can adapt more than we knew, be effective in our careers, and have come to value in-person gatherings in ways we may have previously doubted or took for granted. We’ve also learned that home is truly a haven and that we can indeed have meaningful interaction in the digital space.

All of these things are shaping marketing — and especially real estate marketing — in new ways. And it’s not just arising from the pandemic. While it was an accelerant, technology’s tide has already been rising for a long time to make way for the metaverse the sci-fi writers have been prophesying about to finally have its moment. We’re all feeling new shades of optimism right there alongside Pantone, which named Veri Peri the new color of the year.

At Catalyst, we’re all about trend-forward work and making these grand notions relevant and applicable to our clients’ brand expressions, so we have curated a list of new excellencies we think are worth your attention. If you see something that sparks your interest for a project, drop us a line!