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Sophomore to Junior Year

Once freshmen have moved on to their sophomore, junior, and senior year, your marketing goals will remain mostly the same. Make sure you’re communicating with residents early on in the fall semester to keep from falling behind your off campus competition. As residents get older, promote the option to become an RA and gain real life experience and to boost resumes.

Continue surveying residents to see what their housing plans are for the next year, and continue promoting positive word of mouth and social media visibility.

Senior Year

As seniors prepare to graduate, there is no better time to find out what you did right and where you can improve in your housing strategies.

Survey seniors to find out what their priorities are when looking for housing and use their insights for future campaigns. This is a good place to find information to help make quizzes for earlier students and help them narrow down their housing options.

It is also imperative to obtain student testimonials showing the positive experience they had living in university affiliated housing. Whether that is on campus or off, it’s important that other students see their peers enjoyed their experience and got something positive from it. You can also use these to show parents why living on campus gives students an advantage that they don’t have at off-campus apartments.

The most important thing throughout the student lifecycle is to stay relevant and make sure your brand presence is working for your benefit.

At Catalyst, we have extensive experience in marketing to students and analyzing their behaviors to tailor marketing strategies to be most effective. By measuring the results of each individual marketing piece in a campaign, we can make adjustments in real time, allowing for optimal results and conversions.

Contact us today for a marketing analysis and to see how we can strategically plan your marketing efforts for the next cycle.

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