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We know that university and higher education marketing roles are demanding and fast-paced, leaving little time for research in this evolving space.

Catalyst is an award-winning and experienced marketing and research firm focused on the student demographic, and we’ve done some homework that we hope will help you achieve your business goals.

We’ve developed a 4-part series to help you create actionable marketing strategies that drive business results — from admissions to housing, we’re going to help you hit your numbers.

First things first, do you know if your marketing messaging is accurately targeting students based on where they are on the student life cycle? Do you know how to use automated marketing tools to stay in touch with their changing needs throughout this cycle?

Over the coming month, we’ll be delivering content to you containing deeper insights into the student life cycle so you can be sure you’re doing the most to extend your reach to all students — from enrollment prospects to upperclassmen. You’ll discover ways to improve marketing efforts to set your school up for success!

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Review our flipbook infographic for a complete guide to marketing tactics throughout the student life cycle.