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In the student housing industry, there is a very cyclical calendar for marketing efforts with move-in happening every August, renewals starting a few months after, and the spring semester being reserved for targeting prospects. Although this calendar varies very little year after year, have you taken the time to notice the larger cycle that happens over any given student’s time at your university?

At Catalyst, we’ve looked at the behavior of residents at different times in their college career to see what they value in student housing in their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. As they progress throughout their college career, their priorities change and, as a result, their desire to live on campus versus off, amenities, and more may shift. Take a look at what we’ve found and how we recommend marketing to students based on where they fall in the student lifecycle.

Posts in this series:

Intro to 4-Part Series: The University Marketer’s Guide to a Student Life Cycle
Part 1: When to Begin Marketing to Prospective Students
Part 2: How to Convince Accepted Students to Commit to Your University or College
Part 3: Win the Competition Against Off Campus Housing
Part 4: Turning Sophomores and Juniors into Brand Ambassadors for your School
White Paper: Fill Beds Using Targeted Messaging Specific to Each Student

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