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The Challenge

Liv+ Gainesville was a brand-new student apartment community in the highly competitive Gainesville, Florida student housing market. In this crowded and established market, it can be difficult to elevate a new brand above well-established players that have been in the market for many years.

The Solution

As a brand-new website and property competing against many established brands in a hyper-competitive market, it was key that every aspect of the Liv+ Gainesville brand was honed for search engine optimization (SEO). This included website SEO, creating and optimizing their Google My Business and other online listings, technical and performance optimizations — the works. Catalyst began by performing a comprehensive analysis of the local market, and identifying all high-volume, high-intent keywords that users were searching for in the area. Catalyst also did a deep dive into the local competitive landscape, identifying the top 20 local competitors to keep a pulse on and compare progress against within the performance tracking systems.

The Results

Catalyst performed an SEO overhaul of the website and its off-site assets in July 2019. By April 2020, the average monthly organic search traffic had increased by 263%, and the number of leads generated increased by 440%. With Google search results alone, Liv+ Gainesville’s monthly clicks improved by 309% and reached 160% more users while also improving click-through rates by 58%. The average ranking on Google’s search engine results pages also improved by 66.1 positions (or 6.6 pages of Google results) to an average rank of 28.

In just nine months of growth, the Liv+ Gainesville brand is now positioned near the top of the Gainesville student housing market, trailing close behind even the University of Florida itself in terms of its average position and online visibility on Google. At its current trajectory, Liv+ Gainesville is expected to rank at the top of the Gainesville, Florida student housing market soon.

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