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Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Catalyst’s 2024 Trends Report: our third annual compilation of industry forecasts and marketing predictions spanning the digital space, creative and branding, and the real estate industry. In each of these categories, the innovation and advancements of 2024 were consistently met with an intentional attempt to slow down, practice mindfulness, and enjoy the moment. It’s evident that, despite the accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI), humans crave connection and authenticity more than ever before.

This year, we explored a range of new and emerging topics, including AI-powered advertising, streaming and short-form video, the ethics of data and privacy, proptech consolidation, hybrid work environments, and more. Throughout this trend report, you will see a contrast between innovation and intentionality. Between the new and the nostalgic. Somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum, trends emerge that will set the tone for marketing, branding, and real estate in 2024 — and help us set a framework for how we understand (and add to) the ever-changing world around us.

Flip through the issue below, or click here to view it fullscreen.