Moontower Branding

Lincoln Ventures, a real estate investment firm, contracted Catalyst for the branding of their new student housing development — Moontower — opening fall 2020 in West Campus by the University of Texas in Austin. The 18-story high-rise is a 166-unit/567-bed luxury off-campus property set to be dedicated to a more sorority/Greek-life focus with high-end amenities catering to the student lifestyle, including entire floors dedicated to fitness, wellness, and studying.

The client request was for branding that stood out as bright and bold with edgy verbiage for student appeal. Catalyst developed an eye-catching logo inspired by the neon signs of downtown Austin — featuring a red, orange, and yellow palette; unique lettering; and a 3D effect that helps it stand off the page. The branding was rounded out with cooler accents of teal and purple, fun lifestyle imagery, and an intricate diamond-shaped motif.

Because Austin and UT are known as a very early market, it was necessary to get the Moontower name out in the public as soon as possible to catch the interest of students looking for 2020 housing. While the custom website, paper system, and print collateral were being designed and developed, Catalyst developed a one-page temporary website that included brand imagery, renderings, amenity descriptions, and contact information — everything a prospective resident might be interested in to make a housing decision. The site also included a VIP form to collect leads from interested prospects.

Large, high-quality property renderings gave visitors a good sense of what the future unit and amenity spaces would look like, while the verbiage created an appealing invitation to be part of the Moontower experience — “a stellar lifestyle, panoramic city views, five-star social vibes, class-A amenities, sleek floor plans, and an energetic atmosphere.” Branding was interwoven throughout both the temporary and full websites, such as large patterns, colored sections, and typography. In addition, the sites also featured a VIP form designed to collect leads and keep prospects updated on construction progress, news and events, leasing specials, and more.

The temporary website was launched on April 29, 2019, which created a strong first impression for visitors, as well created a means to begin securing leads and prospect info for the early leasing market. By launching a temporary site, it helped set the brand up for success and make the transition to the full, custom site much more seamless.


  • 2020 Silver Communicator Award – Distinction in Marketing Effectiveness

  • Drove 2,366 unique users to the website in one week
  • Avg. session duration: 2:18
  • Drove 118 form submissions from users with a 3.94% form conversion rate in one week
  • Drove 663 Apply Now clicks with a conversion rate of 22.14% in one week