Entryway Rebrand

In 2017, Catalyst began a for-purpose partnership with Shelters to Shutters, a national nonprofit organization that focuses on transitioning those experiencing or at risk of homelessness to economic self-sufficiency. Within the past few years, Catalyst has worked alongside the organization’s team to provide a strategic marketing foundation and resources to further propel their mission to provide a life-changing solution for situational homelessness.

In late 2022, Catalyst began discussions with the Shelters to Shutters team about a potential rebrand from their current identity. Going into the rebrand, the nonprofit’s goal was to find a new name that called to mind feelings of positivity and dignity — one that their program participants would be proud of. The team also requested that the name be easy to pronounce and reflect the organization’s forward-thinking mission. After several rounds of brainstorming and working through different iterations, the name Entryway was selected. The Catalyst team developed a corresponding logo that showcased an open doorway; by intentionally leaving the shape open, audiences are invited to fill the space with their own potential and possibilities. The shapes of the front steps were taken from the previous Shelters to Shutters logo — a symbol of the strong foundation the new identity was building on. 

In addition to the new name and logo, Catalyst developed new core messaging: long-form and short-form elevator pitches; a detailed messaging map that included key sound bites for participants, donors, and industry partners; as well as plenty of phrases that could be incorporated into future deliverables. A robust brand book was also created, showcasing Entryway’s new logo usage, typography, custom patterns, textures, and colors. A cool-toned palette of blues, bright green, and pops of orange, yellow, and purple gave the brand an established yet refreshed feel and allowed for flexibility in the future. Finally, a suite of stock imagery was chosen to represent both Entryway’s donor/partner audience and the individuals and families that participate in the program.

As a nationwide organization, Entryway needed a way to quickly bring their identity into new markets in a way that ensures consistency and holds up the integrity of the brand. For this, the Catalyst team developed a system of sub-branding that could easily be implemented in any market. 

Once Entryway’s identity was finalized, Catalyst developed a custom website that caters to all of Entryway’s audiences: multifamily partners and sponsors, donors, program participants, volunteers, board members, and more. The site includes a bright color palette, interactive elements, and a personal touch through the use of participant photos and testimonials. Because the organization is consistently expanding to include new team members, events, blog posts, and locations, the website’s design factors in future growth while still ensuring it is easy to navigate and visually appealing for users.

On June 7, 2023, the new Entryway brand was revealed at the annual National Apartment Association (NAA) Apartmentalize conference in Atlanta, Georgia. To help spread the word, Catalyst prepared teaser and full-length video announcements around the brand, multiple email designs encouraging RSVPs to an in-person reception, print flyers, and merchandise. Catalyst also helped facilitate a seamless transition to the new brand on the day of the reveal by coordinating the changeover of social media profiles and handles, launching the new website, and more.

Since the announcement, Entryway has received great feedback on the new name and continues to expand their program around the country. Catalyst is proud to continue partnering with the Entryway team on various print and digital assets as well as monthly social media management.