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Over the past few months, Catalyst has helped several multifamily properties and developments establish new brand identities. This gave us the chance to gain more experience in the multifamily market, and our vast knowledge of marketing to millennials has proven to give multifamily housing a leg up as this generation moves into a new leasing arena.

Take a look at some of our most recent branding projects:

Property: Luna Pointe (formerly Waypoint at Hampton)
Location: Hampton, Virginia
Strategy: Since this property serves as a “homebase” to several employees of the NASA Langley Research Center, the name Luna Pointe was a natural fit. The logo was designed to have a classic feel with a nod to the namesake. Combined with a fun color scheme of navy, teal and lime, this brand is out of this world. 
Property: The Ascent
Location: Plainfield, Indiana
Strategy: Catalyst was engaged to develop a brand for this new multifamily development set to open in summer 2017. The provided name inspired a modern logo (based on a combination of upward arrows and the initial “A”) and a relaxing blue and gray color palette.
Property: Banyan Grove Apartments (formerly Ultris Banyan Grove)
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Strategy: Due to a change in management, this property was required to undergo a name change — however, they didn’t want to lose familiarity with their current residents. A shortened version of the original name, Banyan Grove, was chosen, and a simple text logo was designed, featuring classic lines and a green and teal color scheme.