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Your street team has been handing out flyers, you’ve launched numerous campaigns, and you’re seeing people come through the doors every day. But for some reason, you aren’t actually signing leases. So what’s going on? How can you make sure you’re closing the leads that your marketing efforts are bringing in? There are a few things you can do right away to start filling up beds at your community.

1. Evaluate Your Tours

At Catalyst, we’ve been visiting several properties lately, whether those are clients or competitors, but one thing’s for sure — we’ve gone on a lot of property tours. Make sure your team is all on the same page when it comes to giving tours and what they are highlighting, how they are answering questions prospects may have, and, more than anything, that they are being personable. When touring a property, the tour itself can go a long way in convincing a prospect to lease; it’s not just all about the amenities you offer and the great deal someone will get at the property. This is your first impression with a prospect and gives them a glance in to the customer service your whole team provides. If a community or resident assistant gives a tour where they’re dismissive or not engaging with the prospect, it can be a huge turnoff and the main factor in their decision-making process. Consider secret shopping your own property to get an idea of how the tours are going, and get some feedback from an outside source.

2. Adjust Your Interior Design

Is your property welcoming when prospects walk in the door? Take a look at the interior design from a prospect’s perspective and consider the immediate vibe they get when walking in. If your property isn’t giving off the impression you want, there are some simple fixes you can do, such as adding area rugs, hanging pictures on empty walls, and incorporating seating areas where residents may want to hang out.

3. Have Information Readily Accessible

Of course, there will be times when prospects come in to the office and everyone is busy answering phones, talking to other guests, or dealing with a resident issue. While prospects are waiting, make sure there is information around the office where they can start informing themselves of everything your property has to offer. This may include brochures placed on the front desk, floor plans displayed on the walls, videos streaming property tours or drone videos, and more. There are several things you can do to start informing residents before you’re actually able to greet and tour with them so they don’t feel like they’re just waiting around for assistance.

There are many things you can start doing right away to start closing leads, and these are just a few examples of some easy solutions. Make sure you’re doing everything you can, otherwise your marketing efforts will be wasted. You can have people come in all day, every day, but if your team isn’t ready to start closing leads, there’s no point in them coming in. What are some other things you do at your property to close leads when people are coming in to tour? Let us know some of your ideas so we can share them in the future!

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