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The Challenge

Mid-City Development is in the process of developing a high-end, boutique-style, 18-unit condo project on Baylor Street in downtown Austin, where the HOPE Gallery used to be located — an internationally known outdoor gallery that served as an art park since the 1980s. Mid-City contracted Catalyst for naming, logo, and branding of the development, and due to the iconic location and standout building design, it was requested the name and branding match the uniqueness of the project.

Mid-City’s goal for resident attraction was to target the affluent art community — directors, artists, architects, music producers, etc. — as well as Austinites looking for a new home, and people living in Houston and Dallas who were looking for a second home for leisure and/or business. Given this target demographic and nature of the development, the client requested names be derived from an art theme that conveyed elegance, luxury, and “million dollar lifestyle.”

The Solution

After brainstorming several rounds of names that highlighted different terms, aspects, and forms of art, painting, photography, etc., as well as notable artists in a variety of fields, the name The Colorfield was selected for the development. Colorfield paintings are an abstract style characterized by large, open fields of solid color. Unconstrained by lines, brushstrokes, or small details, this style allows the color itself to become the focal point and subject of the piece.

The logo was designed by using an elegant brushstroke that mimics the painting style’s characteristics. The color palette included deep purple and warm pink and yellow tones, as well as a signature gradient and patterns that incorporated the selected tones. The brand sheet rounded out the brand with typography selections, a personalized tagline — “The art of living” — and stock imagery that represented the artistic, contemporary, and cutting-edge audience Mid-City Development was targeting.

The Results

Although the development is currently under construction and the option to lease is not yet available, the success of the naming and branding secured additional future work with the client. The Colorfield is a strong brand that positions the client to stand out in the Austin luxury housing market. In addition, Mid-City Development will be assisting the HOPE Gallery with relocating the outdoor gallery to near the airport. HOPE representatives also will be consulting with condo owners to offer an allowance in commissioning well-known muralists to create art on unit walls.