Our Philosophy

Your Success Means We’re Doing Something Right

At Catalyst, we want to see your marketing strategies succeed. Working together with you to create brands, websites, campaigns, and more is our passion because your success is our success. We understand the harsh demands you can be under at times and want to eliminate that stress by working to fill your needs. Contact us to get your plan and start driving qualified leads to your community today.

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Our Team

Jamie Matusek


Jamie brings over 15 years of experience in operations, account leadership, sales, interactive, and traditional marketing.
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Christy McFerren

Senior Director

Christy McFerren’s primary objective at Catalyst is to develop highly recognizable and distinguishable brands that achieve profitable results.
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Thomas Demiranda

Business Development Executive

Thomas Demiranda brings five years of sales experience to his role to initiate outreach and foster relationships with prospective clients.
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Chris Diebling

Business Development Executive

Chris Diebling brings 10 years of real estate experience, with a strong background in property management, to his role.
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Kristy Bright

Account Supervisor

Kristy Bright brings more than 10 years of account management experience to her role and serves as the primary contact and liaison between the Catalyst team and her clients.
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Ashley Denton

Account Executive

Ashley brings a successful background in residential marketing and a passion for creative and ambitious ideas.
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Christian Diez

Senior Account Manager

Katie Degutis

Senior Project Manager

Katie Degutis brings more than eight years of experience in the student housing industry to her role as Senior Project Manager at Catalyst.
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Jennifer Balderama

Accounting Coordinator

Jennifer Balderama brings 12 years of accounting experience throughout the Austin area to her role.
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Josh Jennings

Interactive Manager

Josh Jennings brings five years of experience delivering exceptional online experiences and oversees the interactive team in the execution of digital marketing services.
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Melissa Cornine

Media and Research Manager

Melissa Cornine brings seven years of experience to her role, focusing on digital ad placements and target audience research.
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Luke Dyer

Interactive Specialist

Luke Dyer brings over 12 years of systems planning and strategic development to his position as Interactive Specialist at Catalyst.
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Lauren Goodman

Creative Services Manager

Lauren Goodman develops highly recognizable and distinguishable brands that achieve profitable results in her role as Creative Services Manager at Catalyst.
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Kendra Kennedy

Graphic Designer

Kendra applies her degree in visualization with great skill as a designer on Catalyst’s creative team, helping brainstorm solutions and develop compelling brands.
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Ashley Carter

Reputation Management Specialist

Ashley Carter ensures the success of clients’ marketing efforts and online reputation by proactively monitoring and responding to property reviews and resident concerns.
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