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Tobin Lofts

Services: Messaging, Web Design

Location: San Antonio, TX

University Affiliation: San Antonio College

The Challenge

Tobin Lofts engaged with Catalyst to form separate identities for two phases of their community. Tobin Lofts was constructed in two phases and was meant to have two separate audiences to market to. Due to budget constraints, the property could not develop a second website, but needed to separate the two markets to the satisfaction of owners and the financial funding institution. The two distinct audiences were students and young professionals. The price on phase two, which is geared at young professionals, is higher than that of phase one and needs to be presented in a way that does not alienate the audience from leasing at the property. Additionally, due to delays in the construction of both phases, there was not time to properly market the property prior to move in.

The Solution

Catalyst was able to redesign aspects of the existing website so that it uniquely identified each phase as being geared toward a different demographic. Using copy and imagery specific to each audience, prospects going to the website could identify with a phase, and appropriately filter themselves. The amended website allowed prospects to see the difference between each phase and why they were geared separately, without excluding anyone from the property or violating fair housing laws.

The Results

By amending the existing website instead of having to develop two new ones, Catalyst was able to work within the budget allotted by Tobin Lofts and accomplish their goals of differentiating the audiences. By establishing two distinct identities, Tobin Lofts Midtown and Tobin Lofts at San Antonio College, prospective residents could relate to one of the properties while taking advantage of the urban location with close proximity to downtown and San Antonio College. The property leased to 100% occupancy, overcoming the delay in construction and the difficulties presented by the original website.