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If you’ve ever received relationship advice, you’ve probably heard that both parties should be together for the right reasons, and that they need to function as a team to work toward their goals. Sound familiar? But this advice doesn’t just apply to the world of romance. In fact, there’s a relationship in the business world that is vital to growth and success. They’ve been married for years, and their relationship continues to evolve as the world around them changes. Even if they wanted to, they could never escape each other, and they are well known as sales and marketing.

Regardless of where your job function may fall on the sales and marketing spectrum, it’s essential to recognize the overlap between the two and understand how their collaboration can supplement your efforts. Marketing and sales are often working toward the same common goals, and both players can bring significant contributions toward those goals. The relationship between the two is coexistent and can easily be balanced after recognizing each other’s needs.

To align sales and marketing, a strong discovery and goal-setting session is a must. Discovery works best when tailored for every client to better understand the product or service that is being sold. This may include visiting the market, researching the demographic, and creating psychographic profiles. It’s important for the sales and marketing teams to work together to establish goals that each party can strive for in their efforts together and apart.

Required from Sales to Benefit Marketing:

  1. The Objective: What is the desired outcome of the marketing campaign? What target numbers does sales need to achieve?
  2. The Obstacles: Identify any obstacles they may be up against. What are people saying about the product? What are their objections to moving forward?
  3. The Outline: Reiterate any trends you’re seeing with your buyers. What are they interested in? What similarities do they share?

Required from Marketing to Benefit Sales:

  1. Lead Generation: Marketing’s efforts must build the brand’s presence and recognition within the campaign, and bring in new leads that are qualified and ready to purchase. These leads should meet the criteria put forth by sales.
  2. Strong Creative Pieces: All deliverables in a campaign should be visually appealing and catered specifically to the interest of the target market.
  3. Real-Time Lead Notifications: Leads should be provided to the sales team as soon as they come in. This is essential for sales to begin their approach.

At Catalyst, we start by listening — through a robust discovery process, we’re diligent to understand business objectives and build campaigns around them. We are eager to help our sales counterparts achieve success. Our team implements strategic and diverse marketing techniques to ensure the target market sees your message in a variety of mediums. We create aesthetic pieces for every campaign using proven methods that achieve results. We also provide lead notifications in real time through our online dashboard tool, which lets you monitor campaign success, view metrics, and obtain lead data at any given moment. If your sales team needs qualified, consistent leads, contact the Catalyst team today to start achieving results.