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University Crossing in Manhattan, Kansas, has experienced great results this month due to the implementation of a remarketing campaign. They were having a difficult time spreading the message about their property to a broader audience of prospective residents. The property specifically wanted to highlight to prospective residents all of the great amenities that they offer and that they are the coolest place in Manhattan for students to live at.

Catalyst implemented a remarketing campaign for the property, which quickly produced interest. As people who had already been to the site were browsing other websites, they were now also seeing digital banner ads for University Crossing. This worked to further entice them back to the property and kept the property on their minds. The regional manager of the property, Scott Manning, shared that he has “seen a noticeable difference in traffic” and added that “from talking [to] these prospects a lot of them had heard about [University Crossing] from recent [online searches].” In just six days the property has experienced an increase in traffic because of the campaign. It was a great cost-effective addition to their current marketing methods.