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At Catalyst, we offer many digital advertising services for our properties on various platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. While all services are effective in their own way, they all require different tactics with one common purpose: Generate leases. So, with all the choices available for Internet advertising, how do you determine the best search engine marketing option?

Determine Your Goals

First, establish the goals for your property. Do you require immediate results? Is the goal based around more general traffic to the website? Are you up against a deadline for an event or a special offer? Different advertising goals require different advertising methods. To be sure the platform you’re interested in is the right choice, clear and defined goals and attainable metrics are required. This will allow your advertiser to set realistic expectations and strategies to help achieve those goals.

Set Yourself Up to See a Positive Return

Next up is ROI. What do you need to get out of your campaign for a favorable return? This will directly correlate with how much your business can spend on the campaign. This, of course, plays a role in the strategy of the campaign. Campaign type, targeting, keywords, and more will be adjusted depending on the available spend to ensure a positive ROI.

Know Your Audience

Establishing the desired audience is another key factor. An audience can be targeted through keywords, website placement, online behavior, geographical location, and more. It’s important to establish the audience that will benefit most from the campaign to determine the appropriate digital service.

Analyze Current Behaviors

Lastly, it is important to evaluate the current organic online behavior. Are you active on your business’s Facebook page? Uploading an Instagram photo twice a week? Following SEO best practices? Oftentimes, paid advertising efforts will boost with organic efforts, and vice versa. If little to no organic measures are being taken, it will be imperative that the paid strategy start from the ground up to establish an online presence. For example, if your Facebook page has a low following, a campaign promoting your property by its top amenities and encouraging users to like your page will be more effective then promoting an event only to current Facebook followers.

Paid advertising, whether on search engines or social media, is the most effective opportunity for quick results and increased exposure. Setting goals, allocating costs, reviewing your target audience, and assessing current and pasts efforts will not only help determine the best campaign type and strategy, but also save you money to ensure you’re spending your budget in the most beneficial way possible. Make sure you follow these steps when setting up your next social media campaign so you get the most bang for your buck.

To get a campaign started today, contact Catalyst’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Melissa Cornine. For new clients interested in our services, please contact Jamie Matusek.