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Catalyst achieved Google Partner status in 2015. This elite stepping stone has brought pride and recognition to our agency from our clients and peers. It’s given us the right to categorize ourselves as advertising experts on one of the most powerful online platforms. And while it showcases a reliable source of validation and trust, we find ourselves asking, “Do our clients truly know the benefits gained from working with a Google Partner agency?”

Being a Google Partner signifies that a company has multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, continuously meet Google’s performance standards, show growth in client base, and participate in ongoing trainings.

While we understand the above benefits are easy to describe, Catalyst can also prove them.

The first, and likely most obvious benefit, is knowledge. As the client of a Google Partner, you know that your marketing dollars are in the hands of Google-certified analysts. Google ensures that the agency’s qualified employees meet ongoing standards for account management best practices. Google also updates their certification exams yearly and requires all partnered agencies to pass with a minimum score of 80%. The exams include the most up-to-date practices and new features for each area in search engine marketing.

Second, and very importantly, cost savings. Google Partners are well-versed in all of AdWords’ features. Using these features strategically will ensure campaigns are set up in the most profitable way. Understanding ad bidding, necessary daily budgets, relevant keywords, and so on will guarantee the highest results with the most correct spend.

Another benefit is staying ahead of competitors. Partners have access to Google’s newest beta features and receive exclusive access to test before they’re available to the public. When Catalyst is notified of a beta feature, we can determine how this may impact our clients, and make the necessary updates prior to our clients’ competitors. This also allows for A/B testing for increased performance, bringing us back to knowledge and cost savings.

Last is direct access to Google. Catalyst has daily access to a dedicated representative at Google. This means any time there’s a drop in performance, a cause for concern, or an area of opportunity for a client, we can simply pick up the phone and talk to our dedicated rep whom already has an established relationship with us and our client base. This also includes quarterly calls to inform us of updates, areas we’re exceeding our peers, and areas we could improve.

While we understand the above benefits are easy to describe, Catalyst can also prove them. As a Google Partner, we track our results against industry standards and provide clients with full transparency in monthly reports. If a client is falling below these benchmark goals, it’s our responsibility to ensure we increase results, work with the resources we have, and provide strategic recommendations.

At Catalyst, achieving the Google Partner badge wasn’t a one-time award. It’s an ongoing status achieved for our clients to provide the top level of knowledge, the highest amount of savings, increased performance among competitors, and individual access to Google resources. Understanding what it means to work with a Partner agency will help not only your business, but your marketing trust.