ChatGPT Pledge

When we say “ChatGPT,” we mean this platform and any similar AI-based content tools.

ChatGPT can be extremely helpful when used correctly. At Catalyst, we want to use ChatGPT both responsibly and intelligently. We pride ourselves on producing original and creative content for our clients while providing the best strategy to accomplish their goals. Part of that includes understanding and utilizing  emerging technologies in the best way possible, including ChatGPT.

While ChatGPT can be extremely helpful, there are cases where we recommend avoiding the platform altogether, such as reputation and crisis management. There is too much value in a human response to outsource this service.

At Catalyst, we encourage use of ChatGPT internally to help our team kickstart, research, troubleshoot, analyze and refine.

We will never:

Plagiarize – If/when ChatGPT is used for a significant part of a project, we will include a note when sending for internal review to ensure it is considered and sourced accordingly.

Input or feed proprietary information, passwords, or PII into ChatGPT.

Take results at face value – We will fact check details before relying on ChatGPT’s output.

We will use ChatGPT responsibly as the environmental impact of ChatGPT should not be ignored. Approximately 16.9 oz of water (equal to a standard water bottle) are used for every 20 to 50 questions input into the platform.