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The Challenge

Tribeca was a new multifamily development in St. Louis’ West End district. Initially looking for a logo refresh, brand guide, and print collateral, Tribeca extended their contract with Catalyst to complete a new custom website. The property is unique to the market with eight floors and high-tech amenities, including a robotic butler named Charley (one of only two properties in the U.S. to offer it), a self-serve beer tap, Luxer One automated package delivery services, in-unit Alexa functionality, Nest thermostats, and more. They were in need of a fully custom website that was as luxurious, modern, and technologically advanced as they were.

The Solution

The luxurious lifestyle Tribeca offers allowed Catalyst to include refined design elements, such as metallic elements, sleek lifestyle imagery, and asymmetric layouts, throughout their homepage design. One of the key features Catalyst incorporated into Tribeca’s boutique-style website is the interactive amenity grid, which includes videos of top amenities that become animated when scrolled over by the user. In addition, the team performed mobile and page speed optimization throughout development to ensure a coherent and enjoyable experience on any device. Catalyst also was eager to push the boundaries and create advertising that aligned with the versatility of this unique property.

The Results

The custom website successfully served as a home base for prospects interested in touring or signing at the property, or just wanting to learn more about the luxury multifamily property. The website provided an opportunity for visitors to experience immersive virtual reality tours, download an informational digital brochure, book an apartment, and more.