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How many times has a resident come in and threatened to leave a bad online review if you don’t do something for them right away?

Now that residents have moved in and are starting to settle into life, chances are you’re being flooded with online reviews. Residents who may or may not have legitimate complaints are racing online to Yelp and Google+ to share their experience at your property, and even though they aren’t in the majority, those are the reviews that prospective residents and guarantors see.

At Catalyst, we know how important your online reputation management is — a 5-star rating has the potential to increase revenue by as much as 36%. Because of the huge impact online reputation has, we offer multiple service options to help you manage your online reputation and garner new, positive response.

1. Response Campaign

Catalyst will monitor and respond to reviews on major review sites including Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Responding to negative, neutral, and positive reviews is of the utmost importance as it shows prospective residents that you care and are making an effort to correct any wrongdoings.

2. Nurture Campaign

Responding to reviews is important, and this style of reputation management includes responses as explained above. But, how do you start getting new positive reviews to offset those negative ones? Catalyst can initiate a feedback campaign that sends emails to residents, prospects, guarantors, and more to ask if they would recommend the property to a friend. Depending on their response, Catalyst will prompt the person to give feedback and post on Google+ or Yelp, or will send feedback directly to the property to correct the issue in the future.

Before renewal season gets under way, make sure your online reputation management strategy is in place and is reflective of your property’s true reputation. Ask us today how you can start improving your online reputation!