Senior Living Marketing

Senior living marketing solutions to nurture and convert leads.

More seniors are looking for a place to live every day, and your brand needs to be there when they’re ready. At Catalyst, we understand the importance of nurturing leads in the senior living marketplace — many people touring aren’t looking to make a decision today, they’re looking for three, four, or even five years from now. We can help you stay in touch with newsletters and automated marketing campaigns to inform prospects about your community, instill brand loyalty, and keep your name at the front of their mind. Providers have to show prospective residents how they are different and how they cater to specific needs and wants now. Our unique marketing experience in niche real estate can yield measurable results for your senior living property. With experience in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and a variety of verticals, the award-winning Catalyst team has the experience to successfully take on any marketing project with our hands-on approach.

Senior Living Marketing
Let us position your brand to be what seniors are looking for in their living

Senior living is no longer one size fits all.

Seniors are looking for a place where they know that they belong. They want to feel welcome, at home, and like family. With individuals living longer, seniors want an assisted living community where they can create personal, meaningful, long-term relationships. They are looking for communities, not just four walls and a ceiling. The already large population of seniors is growing exponentially — in 2011, people 65 and older represented 13.3 percent of the population; that number is expected to grow to be 21 percent by 2040. The 85-plus population is expected to triple by 2040 to 14.1 million people. Combine that with the knowledge that many customers looking for senior living options begin looking several years before they expect to move into a facility, and you begin to realize the importance of senior living marketing and lead nurturing.

In addition to staying engaged with prospective residents, Catalyst will conduct surveys to find out what it is your residents need and want. Through these results and informative research, we can present your facility in such a way that showcases why you’re the best option for your customers.

Are you prepared for the new senior living?

With the news literally being at your fingertips with smartphones and tablets, every industry is under the microscope, and anything can become news. Senior housing is no different and is facing heightened publicity more than ever, which can have a significant impact on the face of your brand even if the story isn’t about you. While this is a challenge for many in the senior living industry, it can also be an opportunity. Additionally, seniors are becoming more and more adept with technology. Are you prepared for the shift from traditional to digital marketing? In 2015, identified online marketing strategies as one of the biggest trends for senior housing, and considering there are two main prospects looking for senior housing — those who have just experienced a life-altering event, or those who are looking to move to a senior housing facility in the next several years — you want to make sure your brand stands out in the digital world so people can find it now and in the future. Let our team assess your marketing needs today and ensure you stay at the forefront of your prospective residents’ minds.

More senior are becoming adept with technology. Use our digital marketing expertise to stay in front of them.