The Verge Reveal Party

Catalyst was engaged to rebrand a newly acquired property in the Orlando, Florida, market serving students at the University of Central Florida. Once the rebrand was completed internally, Catalyst worked with the on-site staff to plan a VIP pool party to promote the property’s new brand. As part of the campaign, Catalyst created flyers, emails, and a landing page where residents could RSVP for the party. Visuals used new brand colors, and each piece contained teasers about “something big” that would be revealed at the event and encouraged people to attend for a chance to win a variety of door prizes.

Of the 928 emails sent, 692 (75.1%) were opened, and 287 (31.1%) people clicked on the email. Between email marketing and the flyers handed out in the market, 217 RSVPs were generated. In addition to these people RSVP’ing for the event, this helped to build a list for upcoming marketing campaigns as leasing kicks off in the market.