The Brock

Emet Capital Management acquired The Brock — a three-story garden-style student community in Brockport, New York, that underwent a significant capital improvement renovation. The 114-unit community was in need of a fresh rebrand to appeal to the SUNY Brockport student demographic, as well as differentiate the community from its surrounding competitors.

Catalyst was contracted to create a new brand guide based on the existing black and blue logo provided by the client. A complementary color palette of cool tones was selected to embody a vibrant collegiate look by adding teal, yellow, and navy to the original colors.

In addition, Catalyst added a striped bar pattern with fun geometric shapes that was paired with a light wood texture utilized in the interior design. The dominant font used was clean and modern, which mimicked the existing logo font, and was accented with a thin wide-set font to offset the heaviness of the other fonts and still incorporate a modern aesthetic.

Upon approval of the new brand identity, Catalyst worked alongside the client to build out a new templated website and print flyer to promote the community in the Brockport market. This new collateral featured brand elements, new lifestyle imagery, and updated messaging touting the student-focused amenities and new renovations.