Spring Campaign 2016

The 2016 Spring Campaign was a portfolio-wide integrated marketing campaign conducted across 25 Campus Advantage properties. Each property hosted a major event strategically designed to attract college students before the end of the semester while simultaneously reminding residents why they love living at a Campus Advantage community.

Catalyst created three main themes: Pool Party, Fiesta, and Barbecue. To keep emails clear and simple, each party theme had a designated weekend for the event. For example, properties hosting a Pool Party had their event on April 23, the Barbecue Party took place on April 30, and Fiestas were celebrated on May 7 (coinciding with Cinco de Mayo).

Each property received a poster, a flyer, a social media cover photo, social graphics, a 30-second promotional video, three emails, and a landing page. To encourage attendance, Campus Advantage offered a Summer Vacation Giveaway, which included round-trip airfare, hotel, and transportation/food allowances for the winner. To enter the sweepstakes, all you had to do was attend an event and provide your information. Across all properties, 935 students attended events and were entered into the giveaway.