Move-In 2018

What’s better than CDs, classic TV shows, gel pens, and fanny packs? A move-in theme that takes the nostalgia of the 1990s to another level — duh!

Campus Advantage residents were invited to relive the sights, sounds, and snacks of the decade with a colorful ’90s move-in theme. Campaign messaging encouraged residents to embrace “old school” and “get ready to move in like it’s 1999.”

From iconic imagery and a bright color palette to the use of popular catchphrases, the theme was designed to be a hit with students and parents alike. In addition to fun, geometric shapes and patterns, the collateral also included retro stickers, pagers, roller skates, film rolls, Rubik’s Cubes, cassette tapes, and more.

Catalyst created a variety of pieces to build excitement for move-in day, as well as to help assist people arriving at each property. Collateral included a logo and branding for the campaign, mixtape-themed door hangers, a banner, table tents, bandit signs, emails, landing pages, staff and corporate shirt designs, a Snapchat filter, social media graphics, and a VHS-inspired fast pass.