Lutheran Sunset Ministries Campaign

In an effort to develop a more robust pipeline of prospects, Lutheran Sunset Ministries (LSM) hosted an offsite, educational marketing dinner for potential residents at Saltgrass Steak House in the nearby town of Waco. An advertisement for the dinner in an upscale local print publication drew six attendees, several of whom may prove to be promising prospects further along the customer journey. While this effort made some inroads toward meeting the community’s overall goal, LSM needed to generate a higher number of qualified leads to grow the waiting list for Independent Living and Assisted Living.

After completing an initial discovery session, Catalyst created a targeted, multichannel campaign that included branded dinner-event invitations, targeted emails, and branded social media and geofencing ads that were directly targeted toward adult children of potential Independent Living/Assisted Living residents — all leading them back to a landing page with a lead form that was singularly designed to convert visitors to leads. The messaging for the campaign deliverables promoted themes such as, “Let us help you make difficult decisions easier” and “One decision. One place for every life stage,” while also encouraging event registration and creating a sense of urgency.

Overall, the campaign was a success, resulting in a dinner event with 14 attendees — more than double the attendance of the previous dinner event — and a total of 28 new leads. Download our case study for the full details and results of this successful senior living campaign.