Cooper’s Square

Legacy Communities was developing a brand-new multifamily neighborhood in south Austin called Cooper’s Square that was in need of branding to appeal to the market demographic, as well as differentiate the community from its surrounding competitors. Catalyst was contracted to create a logo, a brand guide, and signage that reflected the community.

The logo Catalyst created was a clean and modern approach with fonts that also were clean, inviting, and timeless — a combination of sans serif fonts that fit the property’s modern feel while also adding a single-width script to lend a bit of fun to the brand. The name of the development was placed inside a square that not only gave a literal translation of Cooper’s Square, it also served as a nod to the floor plan style.

Colors selected for the brand were vibrant, capturing a natural outdoor vibe with a lot of green, especially considering Cooper’s Square has a designated green space surrounded by plant life. A pattern was also added that utilized the thin lines of the logo to make a dynamic geometric line pattern that incorporated their brand colors. The pattern is a deep green marble that gives that natural, earthy vibe mixed with a touch of high-end feel.

The new identity elements were also incorporated into the signage and print collateral, creating a seamless experience for potential residents that interacted with the brand.