Campus Quarters Branding

Campus Quarters in Corpus Christi, Texas was purchased by the client in February 2014. The first step in bringing this property into the client’s portfolio was to improve its brand image and differentiate itself from its sister property in Mobile, Alabama. Previously, the property was marketed through one website with the sister property, and all collateral was cobranded to display both properties. Upon acquisition of the property, the client engaged Catalyst to create new marketing collateral that would appeal to the Corpus Christi market and students of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

Members of the Catalyst team visited Corpus Christi and conducted interviews with both residents and nonresidents of the property to determine current sentiment in the marketplace. Recognizing the unique lifestyle and vibe of Corpus Christi, Catalyst created a brand guide reflecting the easy-going attitude of the market. A new tagline — “The Living Here is Easy” — was authored, and from this tagline and brand guide, new traditional and digital marketing collateral was developed for the property that would speak to the target audience. Traditional marketing pieces included a brochure, sales sheet, direct mail template, paper system, and print ad, and digital marketing pieces included a website, social media collateral, and an email template. After the new collateral was deployed, the property was able to reach full budgeted occupancy ahead of schedule and continues to see impressive leasing numbers in the market.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, Campus Quarters reached 100% occupancy, an improvement over their previous leasing season.

Creative for Campus Quarters included a mood board and ad placements.