Baton Rouge Crawfish Color Run Campaign

The second annual Crawfish Color Run was held on April 7, 2018 as a collaborative event between four Baton Rouge student properties: The Lodges at 777 (which hosted the run), The Armstrong, The Oliver, and The Villas at Riverbend.

Both current and prospective residents were invited to join the 2.1-mile race benefitting Relay For Life before gearing up for 1,500 pounds of crawfish and $1,700 in giveaways. To promote the race, Catalyst created a logo, a banner, bandit signs, flyers and posters, paid social ads, social media collateral, and a participant shirt design. The campaign features a bright pink, green, and yellow color scheme inspired by the paint powder used during the event. As a result of pre-race promotional efforts, over 600 people registered, making it the largest involvement yet.