LYSTN Podcast Episode 4: Let’s Start With Strategic Ad Placements

Why Are Paid Ads Successful in Student Housing Industry?

The advantage in the student housing industry is that students and guarantors are specifically searching for their housing needs. Typically, in other industries you are placing random product ads in front of people that you think might be interested. We know that if someone is on a website related to housing and student housing they are most likely looking for housing and we can place relevant ads in front of them.

Melissa will explain the difference between geo-fencing, geo-targeting, controlling ad placement, and how you become and maintain your status as a google partner. Did you know that when you are browsing your favorite website, and see an ad for your favorite clothing company that you have been targeted? Check out this latest episode to find out how this can help your business.

Episode Format

This will be an interview style format where Josh Jennings, our Interactive Manager, will be speaking with Melissa about the strategy behind our services. Ad placement and tracking results are just a few of the ways that we measure our success in the industry.


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