LYSTN Podcast Episode 3: Let’s Start Ranking for Keywords

How Can You Get Your Website to Appear in Google?

In this episode, we talk about search engine optimization, and how we helped a client increase their ranking and appear in Google search results. To help explain this further, we brought in Josh Jennings, Interactive Manager here at Catalyst, to answer several questions about the process. SEO is important for your business to have a digital presence that prospects can easily find when searching for keywords or phrases that relate to what your business offers. Listen to episode 3 to find out more!

Tangible Tips

Check out these quick tips on what you can start doing to help improve your website’s ranking!

  • Google Listing Verification — Adding and verifying your listing in Google Maps for your property or business is critical for your location to appear in search results as well as Google Maps.
  • On-site Marketing — Use on-site marketing to send traffic to your website so that Google recognizes your site content as high quality and ranks your website appropriately.

Click here to read more about the SEO Success Story.

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