Lauren Goodman

Creative Services Manager

Lauren Goodman develops highly recognizable and distinguishable brands that achieve profitable results in her role as Creative Services Manager at Catalyst. She brings an out-of-the-box approach to advertising strategy and a strong background in print design to everything she creates. In addition to brand development and launch strategies, Lauren focuses heavily on developing effective campaigns that achieve results and surpass benchmarks, and is constantly working to lead the creative team in pushing new creative trends into the market.

Lauren is proud to represent the orange and blue as a graduate of the University of Florida, where she earned degrees in both advertising and film media. Prior to Catalyst, she worked as a freelance designer, combining her passion for design with a love for sitting on the couch. Lauren also completed two marketing and media internships at U.S. Money Reserve, gaining firsthand experience in graphic design, branding, creative strategy, and media planning.

Lauren has a knack for all things ’80s pop culture — although she wasn’t alive back then, just play a song or quote a movie from the time period and she’ll be the first one to join right in.